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PhoXo is a small application that helps you edit your photos
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PhoXo is a powerful application that helps you edit your favorite photos. One important thing about this program is that it was designed to take only 4 megabytes of your disk space. PhoXo integrates the most common photo editing functions and it stands as a lightweight alternative to PhotoShop.

There are no advanced photo editing skills required in order to use PhoXo. With a self-explanatory user-interface, you will be able to easily draw images or import your favorite photos in order to edit them. The Effects library offers you a large number of special effects, which you can apply to your photos. The program also integrates a great Clip art library that contains six categories of images: faces, car logos, animals, state flags, cartoons and icons. PhoXo allows you to update and enhance its libraries with other cool clip art images, effects and picture frames. In order to do so, just visit the PhoXo website and you will be able to select from a large class of visuals to add to the libraries of the application.

PhoXo provides a great suite of text altering methods, such as adding shadows, gradient effect, water ripple and more. You are also able to apply different filters to your photos in order to make them look exactly as you want. The program allows you to remove the "red-eye" effect from your photos, apply the "sepia" effect and more. On the PhoXo website you are able to find different step-by-step tutorials for an efficient use of the application and also to improve your photo editing skills.

PhoXo is a fast application that has all the features needed to draw cool images and edit your favorite photos.

Margie Smeer
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