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PhoXo is intended to create drawings and edit pictures
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PhoXo is intended to create drawings and edit pictures. Although not as easy to use as Microsoft Paint, this application combines a relative ease of use with rather powerful features. Its multi-language interface is very similar to those of other painting software. There is a traditional drawing area in the center surrounded by different tools. Therefore, if you have used similar applications before, you will soon be in the way to exploit this program at its full potential.
Probably one of the main advantages of this software is the use of layers and objects. Of course, this feature adds extra difficulty but, once you get used to working with layers, you will find there is a lot to profit from them. Layers let you work with separate objects, which you can re-order or edit separately. They can also be selectively hidden or merged.
Objects can be created from scratch by using the multiple drawing tools available, including Pen, Brush, Shapes, Fill and Stamp. However, if you are not a very skillful drawer, you can always use some of the built-in clipart objects, and if these do not meet your needs, there are more to download from the developer´s site.
The application allows applying various effects to your drawing. Since you can preview them in real time, it is very easy to know which one fits your purposes best. Moreover, this software provides some additional tools. One of them allows you to add watermarks to batches of pictures while another converts your picture into ASCII characters.
The program has its own format, which you can use to store unfinished projects or those you are willing to re-use later. However, if you want to guarantee full compatibility with other applications, you can also export your drawing to several popular image formats.
All in all, PhoXo is an excellent free drawing application. As stated above, the advantages you may get from it are worth the extra effort of learning to use a new tool. Therefore, it is a program I strongly recommend.

Pedro Castro
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  • It uses layers.
  • It includes a huge clipart library.
  • More clipart objects can be downloaded.
  • It is free.
  • It includes other tools


  • It is not as easy to use as Paint
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